Pizza Hunting in Orange County ~~ Joey’s Pizza

1 03 2014

My older sister and I have decided to find the best pizza joint in the OC. We’ll be rating the restaurants by the criteria listed underneath the picture.

Not my photo...taken from

Not my photo…taken from by user Josh G.


Overall flavor: 4/5

The pizza itself tasted good. The canned jalapenos, however, had a slight cinnamon-ish off flavor. Not a huge deal to either of us, though it probably helped that we were famished.

Crust/Texture: 4.5/5

The crust had a nice flavor–not too sweet like some pizzas–and a good texture. Just the right amount of thickness and baked perfectly.

Freshness: 4/5

Everything seemed fresh enough, except I had a couple of bites of onion that tasted bad. Perhaps the onion had a bad spot that they failed to remove before slicing it for our pizza.

Amount of Sauce/Cheese/Toppings: 5/5

Plenty of everything! Not stingy with the toppings!

Restaurant Ambiance: 3.5/5

Very casual environment. Has a tv playing some sports channel in the restaurant. Not exactly good for a romantic date.

Service: 4.5/5

Joey–at least we assumed the man was Joey–was very patient as we mulled over our options, had no problems accepting our coupon, and even handing the coupon back telling us to use it again next time! He smiled a lot and seemed very friendly.

Price for Size: 4/5

With the $2 off coupon, we got a medium sized pizza (15 inches) for under $16 including taxes.

Would we go back?

Yes, definitely! We still want to try their vegetarian pizza sometime! The pizza was good, the prices decent, and the service was friendly.

We still have about 6 more pizza places to try before we will be coming back though. Stay tuned for our next pizza review!



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