Annoying people from India….

4 07 2012

Or wherever they are from.

It’s so annoying getting all of these spam comments on my posts that I’m constantly having to trash. I’ve gotten 7 in about 5 hours. There are all ridiculously stupid and horribly put together.

so much. The look on each person makes you wonedr what kind of thoughts are going thru their minds. It takes talent to make the viewer want answers to their questions.The picture in the church would have looked like any other picture but you captured it with a completely unique vision. I love the picture of the birds. It is also unique because of the view you had showing not just a sky with birds but you used the light, with the statue having the last comment. It really took an eye for this statement this picture makes.”

Um…hello? I don’t have any pictures of birds or churches. The spelling and grammar doesn’t make sense at all. And to be honest, this one was better than most of the others.

So to anyone who tries to post spammy comments on my site, please realize I will only have them deleted. It’s a complete waste of your time and mine to continue this, so please just stop. (No, I’m not actually including you Lizzie as one of the spammers.)



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