The rest of the pictures from our trip

18 06 2012


I’m now including the pictures I took at Zion National Park and any others I didn’t include in my first post. Keep in mind that these pictures were taken with a phone camera and not a regular camera.

One Wednesday, June 6th, we went hiking. Sorta. Our hiking was mostly just walking around in very hot weather on paved pathways. Nothing difficult. Just uncomfortable after awhile. (It was SO hot.)

Zion National Park

 This is a panoramic view taken with my phone. This might have been Weeping Rock. Or maybe not. I can’t remember. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but there actually is water coming down from above.

Mom handing her double water.

I realized that I didn’t have any pictures of Mom in my last post–or if I did, I don’t remember any–so I decided to put her in twice in one picture. This was at Weeping Rock, I think…

Justin the Photographer

 Justin takes some great photos. His favorite kind of photography is self-portraits. Or maybe it’s landscape. It’s a probably tie between the two.


Josiah is about to give his cute twin a hug. 🙂

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake…

Even more amazing than the fact that I caught Nicole playing pat-a-cake on film is that her hands are disappearing on one side. Cool, no?


If you’re wondering why I often have more pictures of Sarah than anyone else, it’s probably because she’s one of the most willing to be photographed. There are very few pictures of me as I hate getting my picture taken. Although I believe pictures of myself somehow ended up on Sarah’s site without my consent…

Jeffrey on one of the trails at Zion

 Jeffrey is showing his support for the Bears even out in Utah evidently.

Click on the picture to enlarge it and ignore my finger.

How many Nicole’s can you count? Once again, I believe this is Weeping Rock. I could be wrong. 


I have decided to include a couple of photos from our trip to Disneyland just to showcase my great photography skills.

Nicole, Josiah, and Mom at Disneyland

No, your computer isn’t making this picture look weird. It’s just a setting on my phone. It’s supposed to cartoonify the picture. You probably  can’t tell, but these three are actually in front of the Walt Disney statue at Disneyland.

Sarah, Victoria, and Elizabeth at Disneyland

Lizzie was the only one ready for this picture. These three are also in front of the Walt Disney statue.Well, that’s it, I think. My mom seems to think I’ve been spending to much time on my computer so I should probably get up and do something else.



4 responses

18 06 2012
Caytlin Sebo

you have cool phone settings, Lizzie looks really pretty in the last picture. Thanks for sharing the pictures. 🙂

18 06 2012

Wow, you’re fast. I just posted this a little bit ago.

20 06 2012
Ashley Sebo

Thanks!!! 😉

20 06 2012
Ashley Sebo

Yay! More pictures is great!! I really enjoyed this post as well! I like the double pictures Justin took! Those are always so fun to look at! I’m glad you guys had so much fun, but I’m not too happy at the lack of pictures you have on here of yourself…;)

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