Pictures and further details from the Utah trip

16 06 2012

Due to popular demand–or rather a couple people mentioning it–I have decided to upload pictures from our trip. These were taken by myself with my phone, so don’t expect professional photos or anything. 🙂

I decided to only upload some of the pictures as it takes FOREVER and I need to go fix lettuce for supper. Enjoy! (Or enjoy as much as you can with this weird formatting.)

First view of our vacation home…we had a bit of trouble getting in because we somehow managed to lose the pass code. (Do I see Nicole in this picture?)


Relaxing in a hammock while waiting to get inside.

Now Justin is relaxing in the hammock.

Still waiting to get inside…

Going to Starbucks for the free wi-fi.

Nicole didn’t buy anything at Starbucks…she just used the wi-fi. Tsk, tsk.






















Our family visited a local museum. It had a lot of old farming equipment, stage coaches, and a lot of other things used back in the frontier days of Utah.

Having fun with the “Vintage” setting on my phone camera… Very cool, no?

This is supposedly what the kitchen area of a typical frontier house would look like. The vintage setting really helps give off that old fashioned vibe, don’t ya think?












This is an old schoolhouse. I think a fair amount has been remodeled though.

This is Josiah poking at an imaginary fire inside a fort. (Still enjoying the vintage setting, right? No? Too bad.

How would you like to cook over this? This is from around the 1940’s I believe…but I could be wrong.













This is Victoria in the oldest log cabin in southern Utah. It was built a decade before the Civil War had even started.

Jason in front of an old stagecoach. This may have been used in the movie “Proud Rebel”. Can’t remember.










Horses!!! (No, they aren’t real.)

Can you guess what this is? I’ll give you a clue: It’s not a canon.












Jeffrey and I spent forever trying to get these workers their tools. (See the metal parts on the board? You had to move them with a magnet through the glass. It’s harder than it looks.)

These were just some flowers out in front of the museum.
















Sarah and Victoria are playing school.





















2 responses

16 06 2012
Ashley Sebo

Wow! I feel truly honored.:) I’m sincerely glad I have some influence on your posting decisions Joanna!! I really, really, enjoyed the pictures! The cabin looks adorable! I am sorry it took you so long to get it to the cabin! I know it’s not really a cabin but, I am going to forever refer to it by that name!;) I enjoyed your phone’s pictures-great quality! It looks like you had a good vacation but I’m so glad you’re all home now! Keep posting Joanna! I’m really enjoying reading your site!:)

18 06 2012
Caytlin Sebo

It looks like you had ton’s of fun. Thanks Again. I liked the vintage look on your phone, looks cool. Your house is great where you stayed.

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