Back from a long vacation…

11 06 2012

Okay, so I wasn’t actually on vacation for 4 months or however long it’s been since I last posted. But I did recently go on a trip to Utah with my family for 8 days. It was so much fun!

It’s been so long since my entire family has gone on a real vacation, so this was really special! 🙂 We got to shoot at a shooting range in the backyard, watch movies, go hiking, relax in a hot tub, eat yummy food–my dad actually allowed us to get some junk food!–sleep, play pool and air hockey–which I’m super awesome at, I might add–and spend time together as a family.

Well, I might not be SUPER awesome at air hockey as I only won 2 games out of 3, but I think with a little more practice and a lot more concentration, I’ll be the best in the family. Definitely. Hands down. Without a doubt.

The only thing our vacation house didn’t have was INTERNET. Yes, you read that right. Joanna Pau was forced to endure absolutely no internet for 8 days! Amazingly, the world did not come to an end and she survived. (Barely. She’s still in critical condition and confined to bed.) Seriously, though, not being able to check my email was practically torture. It shows how addicting this sort of thing is.

However! Cedar City, Utah–did I forget to mention that’s where we were staying? Yeah, I suppose I did–does have a Starbucks! And as we all know, Starbucks has free wi-fi! So during those 8 days of internet deprivation, I went to this coffee place twice to get my internet fix. It helped a lot. If it hadn’t been for that little Starbucks, Joanna would probably be dead and not just in critical condition.

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. Maybe I should post picture of the trip? But they’re all on my phone right now. Maybe I’ll post them later? Or will I go for another 4 months without posting anything at all? Feel free to debate about it in the comments below. (No, Lizzie, this does not mean you can once again spam my comment board. Okay?)



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12 06 2012
Caytlin Sebo

Sounds like you had fun, thanks for posting. I really want to shoot a real gun sometime, but, what was it like for you? How hard was the kick and what kind of gun was it?

The place you stayed sounds like a dream house,how fun!!! I agree about being addicted to checking your email, that is why I got kicked out for a while. 😛

To bad you had no internet, but Starbucks is fun, I remember going there when far out, so my Dad could get Wi-fi for his Ipad or stuff. Glad you survived. 😉 What is air hockey?, I have never been out of CA except at the border of Mexico, but that does not count.
So how is Utah? Thanks again.

Please post another post soon.

13 06 2012

Shooting a real gun–vs. shooting an airsoft gun like I’m used to–has a definite kick. Well, that actually depends on the gun. One of the guns, a Ruger 10/22 I believe, had practically no kick whatsoever. The other two guns I shot, though, were another story. I can’t quite remember what each one was, but one was a 9mm handgun and the other an older Mosin rifle.

Google air hockey. To long and hard to explain. 😛

I’ll post more about Utah when I can get my pictures up. In a few words, I’d describe it as being hot, dry, and laidback.

14 06 2012
Caytlin Sebo

So cool! Thanks, again.

12 06 2012
Ashley Sebo

Hehe…I’m not Lizzie so hopefully you won’t mind my commenting?? *crickets* Ok………………well………………, I’ll just take my chances.;)

I’m so glad you had such a fun vacation! I have to admit though it was long enough! I am selfishly very glad your all back home. I enjoyed reading all about your adventures and I’m glad you survived without the internet.:) Do post pictures! It would be so nice to see where you guys went! So glad you’re back!

13 06 2012

I’ll try making a second post using some of the pictures from our trip. I’m currently having some technical difficulties though, so you’ll have to be patient.

12 06 2012
Caytlin Sebo

BTW…. I am glad your family is back! <3

13 06 2012

Me too! 🙂

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