And my first website ever is launched!

7 02 2012

Nobody will be reading this except bored family members, so it doesn’t really matter what I say here.

Well, my name is Joanna Pau. I’m new to WordPress and will be experimenting until I get it figured out. (If I ever do that is.) I don’t think that I actually need a website, but due to being sick and bored, I’m giving it a try.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I have bronchitis? Yeah? Well, anyway, I appear to have bronchitis. Not very fun. Especially when it makes you miss class and an audition. And possibly a performance the next night.

My lips are really really dry. They make the Atacama Dessert look like the Mississippi River. I somehow lost my lip balm, and now they are dry, cracked and even bleeding in a couple of places. I should just get a new tube of lip balm, shouldn’t I? Well, after I’m done posting this, I’ll get a drink and do just that.

Anyway, a little about me besides my health problems? Let’s see…I take singing lessons, have done a little bit of modeling work, am a college student and a bum. I’m trying to change the part about being a bum, but job hunting is almost impossible in California. You need to have a B.A. for any kind of job along with 2-3 years of related experience for a job that pays a whopping $10/hr. Isn’t that just a little bit demanding and unrealistic? Doesn’t anyone ever consider the poor college students that don’t have any experience or degrees yet? So sad.

I’m currently trying to learn excel–if SOMEONE ever gets around to teaching me–so that I could possible get a job as an office assistant or something. I can type a little and am not completely computer illiterate. I just hope that I wont end up being so bored that I’ll fall asleep on the job, topple out of my chair, gash my head open, and get fired from my job for staining important, classified papers. Although, I could probably sue them for being boring and get some money for the injury and emotional and mental trauma that I had to go through…

Hmmm…I believe that I’ve run out of things to say. I’m going to go get a drink and get some lip balm now.


Bye for now!