Pizza Hunting in Orange County ~~ Joey’s Pizza

1 03 2014

My older sister and I have decided to find the best pizza joint in the OC. We’ll be rating the restaurants by the criteria listed underneath the picture.

Not my photo...taken from

Not my photo…taken from by user Josh G.


Overall flavor: 4/5

The pizza itself tasted good. The canned jalapenos, however, had a slight cinnamon-ish off flavor. Not a huge deal to either of us, though it probably helped that we were famished.

Crust/Texture: 4.5/5

The crust had a nice flavor–not too sweet like some pizzas–and a good texture. Just the right amount of thickness and baked perfectly.

Freshness: 4/5

Everything seemed fresh enough, except I had a couple of bites of onion that tasted bad. Perhaps the onion had a bad spot that they failed to remove before slicing it for our pizza.

Amount of Sauce/Cheese/Toppings: 5/5

Plenty of everything! Not stingy with the toppings!

Restaurant Ambiance: 3.5/5

Very casual environment. Has a tv playing some sports channel in the restaurant. Not exactly good for a romantic date.

Service: 4.5/5

Joey–at least we assumed the man was Joey–was very patient as we mulled over our options, had no problems accepting our coupon, and even handing the coupon back telling us to use it again next time! He smiled a lot and seemed very friendly.

Price for Size: 4/5

With the $2 off coupon, we got a medium sized pizza (15 inches) for under $16 including taxes.

Would we go back?

Yes, definitely! We still want to try their vegetarian pizza sometime! The pizza was good, the prices decent, and the service was friendly.

We still have about 6 more pizza places to try before we will be coming back though. Stay tuned for our next pizza review!

Annoying people from India….

4 07 2012

Or wherever they are from.

It’s so annoying getting all of these spam comments on my posts that I’m constantly having to trash. I’ve gotten 7 in about 5 hours. There are all ridiculously stupid and horribly put together.

so much. The look on each person makes you wonedr what kind of thoughts are going thru their minds. It takes talent to make the viewer want answers to their questions.The picture in the church would have looked like any other picture but you captured it with a completely unique vision. I love the picture of the birds. It is also unique because of the view you had showing not just a sky with birds but you used the light, with the statue having the last comment. It really took an eye for this statement this picture makes.”

Um…hello? I don’t have any pictures of birds or churches. The spelling and grammar doesn’t make sense at all. And to be honest, this one was better than most of the others.

So to anyone who tries to post spammy comments on my site, please realize I will only have them deleted. It’s a complete waste of your time and mine to continue this, so please just stop. (No, I’m not actually including you Lizzie as one of the spammers.)

The rest of the pictures from our trip

18 06 2012


I’m now including the pictures I took at Zion National Park and any others I didn’t include in my first post. Keep in mind that these pictures were taken with a phone camera and not a regular camera.

One Wednesday, June 6th, we went hiking. Sorta. Our hiking was mostly just walking around in very hot weather on paved pathways. Nothing difficult. Just uncomfortable after awhile. (It was SO hot.)

Zion National Park

 This is a panoramic view taken with my phone. This might have been Weeping Rock. Or maybe not. I can’t remember. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but there actually is water coming down from above.

Mom handing her double water.

I realized that I didn’t have any pictures of Mom in my last post–or if I did, I don’t remember any–so I decided to put her in twice in one picture. This was at Weeping Rock, I think…

Justin the Photographer

 Justin takes some great photos. His favorite kind of photography is self-portraits. Or maybe it’s landscape. It’s a probably tie between the two.


Josiah is about to give his cute twin a hug. 🙂

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake…

Even more amazing than the fact that I caught Nicole playing pat-a-cake on film is that her hands are disappearing on one side. Cool, no?


If you’re wondering why I often have more pictures of Sarah than anyone else, it’s probably because she’s one of the most willing to be photographed. There are very few pictures of me as I hate getting my picture taken. Although I believe pictures of myself somehow ended up on Sarah’s site without my consent…

Jeffrey on one of the trails at Zion

 Jeffrey is showing his support for the Bears even out in Utah evidently.

Click on the picture to enlarge it and ignore my finger.

How many Nicole’s can you count? Once again, I believe this is Weeping Rock. I could be wrong. 


I have decided to include a couple of photos from our trip to Disneyland just to showcase my great photography skills.

Nicole, Josiah, and Mom at Disneyland

No, your computer isn’t making this picture look weird. It’s just a setting on my phone. It’s supposed to cartoonify the picture. You probably  can’t tell, but these three are actually in front of the Walt Disney statue at Disneyland.

Sarah, Victoria, and Elizabeth at Disneyland

Lizzie was the only one ready for this picture. These three are also in front of the Walt Disney statue.Well, that’s it, I think. My mom seems to think I’ve been spending to much time on my computer so I should probably get up and do something else.

Pictures and further details from the Utah trip

16 06 2012

Due to popular demand–or rather a couple people mentioning it–I have decided to upload pictures from our trip. These were taken by myself with my phone, so don’t expect professional photos or anything. 🙂

I decided to only upload some of the pictures as it takes FOREVER and I need to go fix lettuce for supper. Enjoy! (Or enjoy as much as you can with this weird formatting.)

First view of our vacation home…we had a bit of trouble getting in because we somehow managed to lose the pass code. (Do I see Nicole in this picture?)


Relaxing in a hammock while waiting to get inside.

Now Justin is relaxing in the hammock.

Still waiting to get inside…

Going to Starbucks for the free wi-fi.

Nicole didn’t buy anything at Starbucks…she just used the wi-fi. Tsk, tsk.






















Our family visited a local museum. It had a lot of old farming equipment, stage coaches, and a lot of other things used back in the frontier days of Utah.

Having fun with the “Vintage” setting on my phone camera… Very cool, no?

This is supposedly what the kitchen area of a typical frontier house would look like. The vintage setting really helps give off that old fashioned vibe, don’t ya think?












This is an old schoolhouse. I think a fair amount has been remodeled though.

This is Josiah poking at an imaginary fire inside a fort. (Still enjoying the vintage setting, right? No? Too bad.

How would you like to cook over this? This is from around the 1940’s I believe…but I could be wrong.













This is Victoria in the oldest log cabin in southern Utah. It was built a decade before the Civil War had even started.

Jason in front of an old stagecoach. This may have been used in the movie “Proud Rebel”. Can’t remember.










Horses!!! (No, they aren’t real.)

Can you guess what this is? I’ll give you a clue: It’s not a canon.












Jeffrey and I spent forever trying to get these workers their tools. (See the metal parts on the board? You had to move them with a magnet through the glass. It’s harder than it looks.)

These were just some flowers out in front of the museum.
















Sarah and Victoria are playing school.



















Back from a long vacation…

11 06 2012

Okay, so I wasn’t actually on vacation for 4 months or however long it’s been since I last posted. But I did recently go on a trip to Utah with my family for 8 days. It was so much fun!

It’s been so long since my entire family has gone on a real vacation, so this was really special! 🙂 We got to shoot at a shooting range in the backyard, watch movies, go hiking, relax in a hot tub, eat yummy food–my dad actually allowed us to get some junk food!–sleep, play pool and air hockey–which I’m super awesome at, I might add–and spend time together as a family.

Well, I might not be SUPER awesome at air hockey as I only won 2 games out of 3, but I think with a little more practice and a lot more concentration, I’ll be the best in the family. Definitely. Hands down. Without a doubt.

The only thing our vacation house didn’t have was INTERNET. Yes, you read that right. Joanna Pau was forced to endure absolutely no internet for 8 days! Amazingly, the world did not come to an end and she survived. (Barely. She’s still in critical condition and confined to bed.) Seriously, though, not being able to check my email was practically torture. It shows how addicting this sort of thing is.

However! Cedar City, Utah–did I forget to mention that’s where we were staying? Yeah, I suppose I did–does have a Starbucks! And as we all know, Starbucks has free wi-fi! So during those 8 days of internet deprivation, I went to this coffee place twice to get my internet fix. It helped a lot. If it hadn’t been for that little Starbucks, Joanna would probably be dead and not just in critical condition.

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. Maybe I should post picture of the trip? But they’re all on my phone right now. Maybe I’ll post them later? Or will I go for another 4 months without posting anything at all? Feel free to debate about it in the comments below. (No, Lizzie, this does not mean you can once again spam my comment board. Okay?)

And my first website ever is launched!

7 02 2012

Nobody will be reading this except bored family members, so it doesn’t really matter what I say here.

Well, my name is Joanna Pau. I’m new to WordPress and will be experimenting until I get it figured out. (If I ever do that is.) I don’t think that I actually need a website, but due to being sick and bored, I’m giving it a try.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I have bronchitis? Yeah? Well, anyway, I appear to have bronchitis. Not very fun. Especially when it makes you miss class and an audition. And possibly a performance the next night.

My lips are really really dry. They make the Atacama Dessert look like the Mississippi River. I somehow lost my lip balm, and now they are dry, cracked and even bleeding in a couple of places. I should just get a new tube of lip balm, shouldn’t I? Well, after I’m done posting this, I’ll get a drink and do just that.

Anyway, a little about me besides my health problems? Let’s see…I take singing lessons, have done a little bit of modeling work, am a college student and a bum. I’m trying to change the part about being a bum, but job hunting is almost impossible in California. You need to have a B.A. for any kind of job along with 2-3 years of related experience for a job that pays a whopping $10/hr. Isn’t that just a little bit demanding and unrealistic? Doesn’t anyone ever consider the poor college students that don’t have any experience or degrees yet? So sad.

I’m currently trying to learn excel–if SOMEONE ever gets around to teaching me–so that I could possible get a job as an office assistant or something. I can type a little and am not completely computer illiterate. I just hope that I wont end up being so bored that I’ll fall asleep on the job, topple out of my chair, gash my head open, and get fired from my job for staining important, classified papers. Although, I could probably sue them for being boring and get some money for the injury and emotional and mental trauma that I had to go through…

Hmmm…I believe that I’ve run out of things to say. I’m going to go get a drink and get some lip balm now.


Bye for now!